HP 22 Tricolor Ink Cartridge (C9352AN)
HP 22 Tricolor Ink Cartridge (C9352AN)

HP 22 Tricolor Ink Cartridge (C9352AN)

$31.49 $27.99

Compatible HP Models:

Yields up to 165 pages.

Brand: HP

Color: Tricolor

Product Type: Inkjet

Estimated delivery 3-5 business days

Patented dye-based inks give you impressive color for dazzling photos.

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Compatible HP Models:

Deskjet: 3747, 3910, 3915, 3918, 3920, 3930, 3930v, 3938, 3940, 3940v, 5440, 5440v, 5440xi, 5442, D1311, D1320, D1330, D1341, D1360, D1415, D1420, D1430, D1445, D1455, D1460, D1468, D1470, D1520, D1530, D1560, D1568, D2320, D2330, D2345, D2360, D2368, D2430, D2445, D2460, D2468, D4145, D4155, D4160, D4163, D4168, D4363, F310, F325, F335, F340, F350, F370, F375, F378, F380, F390, F394, F2110, F2120, F2128, F2140, F2180, F2185, F2187, F2188, F2210, F2212, F2214, F2224, F2235, F2240, F2250, F2275, F2280, F2290, F4135, F4140, F4150, F4172, F4175, F4180, F4185, F4189, F4190, F4194

Fax: 1250, 3180

Officejet: 4310, 4315, 4315v, 4315xi, 4350, 5605, 5605z, 5608, 5609, 5610, 5610v, 5610xi, 5615, D155xi, J3600, J3608, J3625, J3635, J3640, J3650, J3680

Photosmart: C3110, C3125, C3135, C3140, C3150, C3170, C3173, C3175, C3180, C3183, C3188, C3190, C3194, C4110, C4140, C4150, C4170, C4173, C4175, C4180, C4183, C4188, C4190, C4193, C4194

PSC: 1401, 1402, 1403, 1406, 1408, 1410, 1410v, 1410xi, 1415, 1417, 1510, 1510s, 1510v, 1510xi

Yields up to: 165 pages

Color: Tricolor

Manufacturer: HP

Brand Name: HP

Product Type: Inkjet Cartridge

Estimated delivery 3-5 business days

Ships same day if order is placed before 3 PM PST


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